La Coyote's Mom was a Hispanic women.

A ChildEdit

After she married La Coyote's dad, La Coyote's Mom gave birth to La Coyote. Learn more at

Taking on a SuperheroEdit

La Coyote saved La Coyote's mom and dad when they were kidnapped and swore to fight crime. Then La Coyote's mom decided he must go to college.

A Hiden RelationshipEdit

La Coyote's Mom too began to fight crime starting with Señor Ocho Brazos. Being his high school sweetheart she secretly started dating him again. Then when he least expected it she attacked him and was defeated but Señor Ocho Brazos couldn't get himself to kill her. He instead went into a rage and killed La Coyote's girlfreind.

A New SuperheroEdit

La Coyote's mom became a superhero. She fought some of the same villians as her son and some new ones. Her son had recently rejoined the wrestling league so she thought he had given up fighting crime. She fought Garras de las Sombras before he tried to assassinate her son.

Injured in ActionEdit

Once La Coyote revealed his true identity La Coyote's mom was serously injured by a assassin. La Coyote tracked down Varken to heal her.


A few years later Señor Ocho Brazos layed a bomb in the center of the earth, despite all La Coyote's efforts to defuse the bomb, it blew up but only destroyed half of the earth. Sadly, La Coyote's dad and mom were both killed.