Imitación is a Hispanic Wrestler. He is also a supervillian who may make clones and shapeshift.


Imitación's family abused him. When Imitación found out about his powers he made a clone army and killed his family. Now on the streets he did impersonations for money.

Becoming a WrestlerEdit

One night while Imitación was doing imitations he was attacked by a gang of thugs. He fought back and defeated them easily. This attracted the leader of the wrestling league.

Face to face with La CoyoteEdit

Imitación faced off with La Coyote in one of his first wrestling match. La Coyote got the first hit but Imitación used a unigue series of moves and fliped him over, he pinned La Coyote but La Coyote got back up. Then La Coyote hit him square to the face and Imitación was knocked out.